Electron Spectrometry and Microscopy Laboratory

Our lab

Welcome to the Electron Spectrometry and Microscopy Laboratory (LSME). In this laboratory we address scientific problems through the development and utilization of advanced electron microscopy techniques and data processing and interpretation. Current research interests include:
Improved elemental quantification in analytical scanning transmission electron microscopy using combined EDXS and EELS.
3D reconstruction of curvilinear and other objects via “single shot” data acquisition in STEM and algorithmic reconstruction for fast/low dose applications in materials and life sciences.
– Open science and “Big data” in electron microscopy: strategies for open source exporting, management and processing of hyperspectral data created by new generation spectroscopy detectors.
– Characterization of structure and structural evolution in energy technology materials (fuel cells and transparent conductive oxide layers for photovoltaic cells).
Precision measurements of crystalline structure and electronic properties from the atomic to nano scales by aberration corrected microscopy and spectroscopy.
– Measuring near field optical properties of nanophotonic and plasmonic structures using high energy resolution low loss EELS (e.g. Au-Fe “magnetoplasmonic” nanoparticles).