Abstract :

Global Sensor Networks (GSN) is a software middleware designed to support the flexible integration and discovery of sensor networks and sensor data, enables fast deployment and addition of new platforms, provides distributed querying, filtering, and combination of sensor data, and supports the dynamic adaption of the system configuration during operation. Today, with the ever-increasing use of mobile devices (like smartphones and digital tablets), its sensor adds more efficiency and accuracy to the sensor networks, because a single mobile sensor can sense a larger area than a static sensor. Mobile sensors make a significant contribution in community sensing. In order to leverage the power of GSN on other platforms rather than a regular server, we would like to port the technology to the mobile platform. In this report, we will introduce TinyGSN – a scaled-down version of GSN – running on Android mobile devices. The extensions of TinyGSN, compared with the previous version, i.e. UI, functionality enhancement, are discussed in detail.

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