Current Projects

Our laboratory is conducting research and technology transfer projects in national and international programs, as well as with industry. These projects are a great means to conduct interdisciplinary research and to obtain first-hand knowledge on real-world application problems as well as access to real data.

The objective of this project is to identify, at an early stage, the risks associated with new technologies and to assess existing products and applications to pinpoint vulnerabilities.

The objective of the project is to augment the company’s innovation in fragrance and taste creation by recommending formulas that best match a product description.

SciLens develops a framework for evaluating the quality of scientific news articles, which bridges the gap between traditional and computational journalism.

This project aims to automate the process of building text and image classifiers through an AI-Driven Classifier Building Pipeline, which produces high-quality data labels and better classifiers by relying on machine learning.

In this project we develop algorithms based on deep-learning models to enhance the retrieval of videos from Tamedia’s video archive.

The Media Observatory Initiative seeks to address the challenge consumers face in selecting credible digital information by creating a web platform to capture, process, and visualize the Swiss and global news landscape.