We maintain the following datasets which are used in our research works. The datasets are either produced by our lab or provided by other collaborative data providers

Energy Consumption Dataset :

10 years French national hourly energy demand dataset (year 2003-2012). The dataset has been curated and completed with public holiday and weather information (e.g., temperature, humidity). Additionally, we also provide the raw weather data for 8 biggest city in France.

Crisis Tweets Collections :

  • Crisis Tweets Collections [More]

Finding timely and useful information during crises is critical for making potentially life-saving decisions. Social media is increasingly being used to broadcast useful information during such situations. is a repository of crisis-related social media data and tools. Currently it includes collections of crisis tweets and a lexicon of crisis terms. It also includes tools to help you create these collections and lexicons.

Social network :

  • Tweets containing URLs collected over a period of three weeks [More]

The dataset contains the propagation of URLs in the social network of Twitter, a popular microblogging site. We track 15 million URLs exchanged among 2.7 million users over a 300 hour period. Data analysis uncovers several statistical regularities in the user activity, the social graph, the structure of the URL cascades and the communication dynamics.

  • Tweets related to LONDON collected over a period of three months [More]

12 million tweets related to LONDON were collected over four months, which can serve as an important basis in fusing social and sensor data in the cloud.

Energy consumption :

REDD data set is published by MIT, which contains several weeks of power data for 6 different homes, and high-frequency current/voltage data for the main power supply of two of these homes

Sensor Data :

Data collected from 54 sensors deployed in the Intel Berkeley Research lab between February 28th and April 5th, 2004