Experimental activities

After the closure of the PROTEUS research reactor at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), CROCUS became the only experimental reactor in Switzerland. As a result, and to keep experimental reactor physics competence in Switzerland, the Laboratories for Reactor Physics and Systems Behaviour at EPFL and PSI decided to increase research activities in CROCUS and at the EPFL nuclear facilities more generally. New experimental programs have been started in the CROCUS reactor, and in the LOTUS irradiation cavity, in collaboration with historical and new partners, which include PSI of course, CEA Cadarache and Chalmers University. In parallel, new instrumentations and measurement techniques are developed. The latest publication summarizing the new activities is available below:

The current programmes focus on neutron noise theory, measurements and applications (PhD of O. Pakari, VOID, COLIBRI), on high-fidelity measurements (PhD of F. Vitullo), and on nuclear data for reactor technology (PETALE). They benefit from strong interactions with national and international research institutes and universities.