Masters Projects

Current Projects

The team is hosting a Master’s thesis student since Febraury 2020:

  • Edoardo Brunetto: “Highly localized measurements in the UniStuttgart SUR-100 reactor”

Thesis Proposals

As of Summer 2020 we propose:

“Application of the OFFBEAT fuel behavior solver to the analysis of advanced nuclear fuels” with C. Fiorina and A. Scolaro:

  • Support the EPFL in an international code benchmark in the frame of the Euratom PUMMA project
  • Extend and verify OFFBEAT for advanced fuels
  • Make the new developments available in the frame of an IAEA initiative

“PETALE: stainless steel nuclear data in CROCUS” with V. Lamirand

  • Monte Carlo calculations of the executed experiments
  • Comparison between libraries: JEFF3.3, TENDL2019
  • Experiment analysis and comparison to code

The LRS is always searching for students interested in doing a master’s project in computational reactor physics, computational thermal hydraulics, and reactor and radiation detection experiments. Please contact the group for other project proposals or to propose your own project.

Past Projects

  • Tom Mager (2019): “The LEAF system and gamma
    detection applications in CROCUS”, Supervision by O. Pakari and V. Lamirand
  • Yifeng Jiang (2018), supervision by Axel Laureau and Vincent Lamirand: “Characterization of the neutron spectrum in the EPFL CROCUS reactor by foil activation dosimetry and Monte Carlo calculations”
  • Adrien Theler (2017), supervision by B. Geslot (CEA, France) and V. Lamirand: “Method development for discrimination of anodic and cathodic signals in miniature fission chambers.”
  • Oskari Pakari (2016), supervision by V. Lamirand and G. Perret (PSI):Implementation of neutron noise instrumentation in current mode”
  • Stefan Radman (2016), supervision by M. Hursin and G. Perret (PSI): “HCLWR re-analysis with 3D MCNPX model and sensitivity coefficient from TSUNAMI”
  • Daniel Siefman (2015), supervision by M. Hursin: Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of the LWR Proteus research reactor.