One of the main missions of the LRS is the education of physics and nuclear engineering masters students.

The LRS participates in the organisation of applied experiments in physics (TP2) by offering the experiment H8-Nuclear energy. In the framework of the TP3, the physics students can choose to perform four days of practical work over four weeks in the laboratory, benefiting from the CROCUS reactor, the CARROUSEL facility, and the gamma spectrometry lab.

We also host masters students in the framework of TP4 semester projects. These projects consist of one day per week at the lab, to carry out projects proposed by the team or built with the student.

The LRS is also in charge of the Specialised Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (NE Master). This masters is a joint program at EPF Lausanne, ETH Zürich, and PSI, where each partner hosts the students for one semester.

All the NE Master lectures dispensed during the fall semester at EPFL are available for all physics students. During the spring semester, the course Introduction to Nuclear Engineering is also offered.

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