The focus of our research is vibrational quantum dynamics. Using ultrafast laser pulses and spectrally-resolved photon counting, we  prepare non-classical vibrational states and watch their decoherence. We study bulk crystals, molecular ensembles, but also individual nanosystems and single layers of molecules which are probed with confocal microscopy combined with near-field enhancement by plasmonic nano-cavities.

Our goal is to study quantum decoherence at the nano- and mesoscale, to clarify the role of quantum effects in molecular photophysics and photochemistry, and to explore new nanomaterials for emerging quantum technologies. Our group is divided into 4 subgroups as follows:

Vibrational quantum dynamics: creating non-classical states of oscillators at room-temperature

Molecular optomechanics: toward parametric amplification of molecular vibrations

Diamond NV centers: develop a new platform for magnetic field sensing with NV centers

Chiral Forces Detection: find a new way to detect Chiral forces