Ongoing projects

  • Prof. Guillermo Acuna, Uni Fribourg (CH) — Coupling individual molecular emitters to plasmonic nanocavity
  • Ruben Estaban and Javier Aizpurua, San Sebastian (SP) — Purcell effect and Lamb shift in nanocavities
  • Prof. Katrine Qvortrup, DTU Copenhagen (DK) — Functional molecules for plasmonic nanojunctions
  • Prof. Niels Quack, Univ. of Sydney; Prof. Nicolas Le Thomas, Uni. Ghent — Diamond photonics
  • Proud Technology (CH) — Thermal transport in diamond nanostructures
  • Dr. Emanuel Loertscher, IBM Research Switzerland; Alexandre Bouhelier, Dijon (FR) — Plasmonic molecular junctions
  • Dr. Philippe Roelli, San Sebastian (SP) — Molecular cavity optomechanics and frequency conversion
  • Prof. Ado Jorio, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) — Entangled photons from diamond

Completed projects (find related publications)

  • Nicola Lusardi and Fabio Garzetti in TEDIELPhoton counting and coincidence electronics
  • Prof. Peer Fischer, MPI Stuttgart (DE) — Fabrication of plasmonic antennas

Light-vibration entanglement at room temperature

  • Prof Nicolas Sangouard, CEA Saclay (FR)
  • Dr. Vivishek Sudhir, MIT

Proposal for Fock state preparation in cavity optomechanics

  • Prof. Nicolas Gisin, Uni Geneva (CH)

On-chip source of quantum correlated photons

  • Group of Daniele Bajoni, Pavia, (IT)
  • Group of Dirk Englund, MIT, (US)

On-chip emitter-receiver for continuous variable quantum cryptography

  • Group of Philippe Grangier, Institute d’Optique, Paris (FR)
  • Group of Eleni Diamanti, Telecom Paris-Tech (FR)