Group Pictures

Indoor climbing, 01 December 2023

Christmas bowling party, 23 December 2022

Grill party, 22 June 2022

Group picture, 12 January, 2022

Group hike to Mont Tendre, 29 August 2021

Group picture at Rolex, july 13

23 km with 1’200m positive height difference at Villar-sur-Ollon, June 2020

Bowling party, November 2019

Group excursion at 2’000m above the sea level, August 2019

Celebration of the Swiss national day, August 2019

Group Picture, May 2019

Group Picture

Winter group excursion at Villars-sur-Ollon, February 2019

Lunch @Holly Cow, February 2019

Christmas Drinks, December 2018

Tianqi’s farewell party – Chinese cooking! November 2018

Group Hike to the summit of Grammont in June 2018


Group Dinner at Thaï au Lac, July 2018 (with a special guest from Mexico!)

Nicola and Fabio with Santiago and Christophe in the lab after a strenuous week of work on the correlation card (June 2018)

The very first group excursion to the “Aventure Parc” of Signal de Bougy, overlooking Lake Geneva (October 2017)