The Optics Laboratory

The Optics Laboratory


The EPFL’s Optics Laboratory carries out multi-disciplinary research on linear and non-linear multimode fibers, imaging through complex scattering media, laser tissue ablation, cochlear imaging, optical diffusion tomography, holography, opto-fluidics, electrochemistry and hydrogen production, and deep learning for optical imaging.


Optical Imaging

The laboratory of optics investigates many interesting topics related to optical imaging. These include novel optical and computational techniques for optical diffraction tomography (ODT) through thick samples, imaging through multi-mode fibers, and the printing of optical waveguides.

Optics and Neural Networks

Optics and learning-based algorithms have a two-way connection such that optical problems were shown to be solved with neural networks efficiently and neural network structures were implemented with optical systems. In our laboratory, we have contributed to both applications, tackling optical problems such as optical diffraction tomography and image transmission through optical fibers with deep neural networks, in addition to realizing neuromorphic computation with multimode optical fibers.

Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production

Membrane-less electrolyzers utilize fluidic flow to separate hydrogen and oxygen bubbles. They have a simple design, low ionic resistance, and low maintenance and manufacturing costs. Image from Energy Environ. Sci.,2015,8, 2003.