The Optics Laboratory

The EPFL’s Optics Laboratory carries out multi-disciplinary research on linear and non-linear multimode fibers, imaging through complex scattering media, laser tissue ablation, cochlear imaging, optical diffusion tomography, holography, opto-fluidics, electrochemistry and hydrogen production, and deep learning for optical imaging.


Joowon becomes Dr. Joowon
Pooria becomes Dr. Pooria
Learning to project color images through multimode fibers [1] [2]
Eirini becomes Dr. Eirini
The Optics laboratory learns to reconstruct high quality RBC tomograms from ill-posed projections
The Optics laboratory images hair cells through laser-ablated cochlear bone [1]
The Optics laboratory reports a learning reconstruction scheme for ODT using the split-step non-paraxial method as the forward model [1]


Prof. Demetri Psaltis
Professor of Optics
phone +41 21 69-37795
[email protected]

Postal address

Optics Laboratory
Station 17
CH-1015 Lausanne VD


Silke Jan
phone +41 21 69-37798
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Sabrina Martone
phone +41 21 69-35185
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