Optics and Neural Networks

The LO has a long history of combining optics and neural networks. Several projects are currently ongoing, including the application of neural networks to “Imaging with multimode fibers” and “Optical computing”.  

Imaging with mulitmode fibers using machine learning

Cylindrical glass waveguides called multimode optical fibers are widely used for the transmission of light through long distances. However, light becomes distorted in terms of spectral and spatial properties due to linear and nonlinear scatterings as it propagates inside the fiber. In LO we have demonstrated that with the help of neural networks these distortions can be learned and be corrected. Moreover, these distortions are controlled with neural networks to achieve the desired spectral and spatial properties after propagation through fiber.

Optical implementation of neural networks

Currently, neural networks are implemented on electronic chips such as central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs). However, computational algorithms and more specifically neural networks were also realized with optical systems even though they are far from being as popular as their electronic counterparts. In our laboratory, we demonstrated spatiotemporal nonlinearities inside multimode optical fibers can be used as a neuromorphic neural network and its performance can be comparable to digital neural networks.


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