2018 Fall

‘Optical wave propagation (Micro-567)’


Prof. Demetri Psaltis and Dr. Ye Pu

Teaching assistants

JooWon Lim


Give a tool for the treatment of electromagnetic wave propagation in linear and nonlinear media. The student will be able to implement the Beam Propagation Method in MATLAB and simulate the contents of the course.


From Maxwell’s equation to beam propagation methods (BPM)
Near field. Propagation of plane waves, Gaussian beams, periodic structures and non-diffracting beams
Relationship to classical diffraction integrals
Thin transparencies, lenses, imaging
Imaging systems, Point Spread Function (PSF)
Optical resolution, confocal and super resolution microscopy techniques.
Rotating beams, vortices, helical beams
Optical fibers
Phase conjugation, holography
Volume holograms / grating
Nonlinear Optics and nonlinear BPM

Required prior knowledge

Fundamentals of optics and electromagnetism


Ex cathedra, exercises and simulations using MATLAB