Claudia Isabella PogoreutzAssessing the symbiotic interplay of photosynthesis and osmoregulation in Cnidaria”   2022 / 2023 

Romain SavaryAssessing molecular crosstalks in coral symbiosis during bleaching”   2018 / 2021 

Louise JensenDeveloping processes and proof of concept of the CryoNanoSIMS”   2018 / 2021

Céline LoussertThe “language” of endosymbiotic partners”   2018 / 2021

Jinming GuoTransmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of the Microstructure of Biogenic Calcites”   2019 / 2020

Emma GibbinMetabolic Interactions in the Coral Holobiont”   2016 / 2019

Thomas KrügerCoral Metabolism and Stress Physiology”   2014 / 2018

Bohumil Maco “Brain Metabolism and Parkinson Disease”   2015 / 2016

Christophe Kopp “Coral Metabolism”   2012 / 2015

Yuhei Takado “Brain Metabolism”   2012 / 2015

Melany Gilis “Biomineralization”   2012 / 2015

Mathieu Pernice “Coral Metabolism”   2012 / 2013

PhD students:

Niclas Heidelberg Lyndby    2018 / 2023

Thesis: Photobiology and metabolic interactions in the symbiotic jellyfish Cassiopea

Research Summary: Metabolic interactions in cnidarian holobiont symbiosis

Stéphanie K. Cohen    2012 / 2017

Thesis: Visualizing chemical transport from extracellular symbionts into squid host tissues using NanoSIMS

Agathe Lecointe    2012 / 2016

Thesis: Scleractinian coral morphogenesis searching for stem cells and precursors of the skeletogenic calicodermis

Charlotte LeKieffre    2012 / 2017

Thesis: Correlated TEM-NanoSIMS investigation of foraminiferal metabolism

Gennady Nikitin   2013 / 2018

Thesis: Novel tools to dissect stem cell metabolism at single cell level

Master Students:


Master thesis: Reproductive and trans-generational effect of ocean acidification and warming on the coral Stylophora pistillata in the Gulf of Aqaba – July 2017

Maria-Evangelia GIOVANNI

Master thesis: Sequestered chloroplasts in foraminifera Haynesina germanica: a NanoSIMS study of the incorporation of 13C and 15N with implication for the marine carbon and nitrogen cycles – 2015

Melissa BILL

Master thesis: Hyperpolarized MRS investigation of symbiotic coral metabolism – March 2015


Master thesis: Growth and algal recruitment in newly developed hermatypic coral tissue – 2014


Master thesis: Experimental study of photosynthesis and respiration of a symbiotic coral under thermal stress and ocean acidification conditions – August 2014