How to find us

Getting to the EPFL/UNIL campuses by plane

Carte géographique de la Suisse


  • Geneva (the closest – 40 mins by train)
  • Zurich (the largest, 2h30mins by train)
  • Basel (Bâle in French, about 2hrs by train)

And from there proceed to Lausanne either by train or by car (see below).

By train + metro

See the Swiss Railways server for timetable and costs to Lausanne train station (“Lausanne Gare CFF”).

Once at the central train station in Lausanne, exit on the North side. The station opens on a busy plaza with taxi’s and bus-stops.

  • The Metro station is on the opposite side of the street, slightly to the right. Take the “M2” metro from “Gare CFF” north to “Lausanne-Flon”, which is the next stop.
  • From Flon, take the “M1” (its the end station so you can only go one way) and get off either at station “UNIL Mouline” (NanoSIMS laboratory) or get off at station “EPFL” (Laboratory for Biological Geochemistry offices).

A valid train ticket labeled ‘Lausanne City’ also allows the use of metros and busses in Lausanne for the same day. If you have a normal train ticket to ‘Lausanne’, purchase a metro ticket from the machine in front of the metro station. This ticket has to be for “Grand Lausanne” (CHF 3.50).

To get to the NanoSIMS laboratory:

Get off at  Metro station “UNIL Mouline”.

The laboratory is located in the Geopolis building (left image). Enter the building through the main entrance.

Once inside, go toward the glass walls (under the staircase), you will see the SwissSIMS ion microprobe laboratory. Enter through the glass door on the left  side of this lab (with the sign “Center for Advanced Surface Analysis”). In the corridor behind you will find the NanoSIMS laboratory on the left hand side.

If you have problems, call the NanoSIMS lab: +41 21 692 43 26. 

To get to our EPFL offices:

Get off at the EPFL metro stop and turn left on Route de la Sorge.

We are located in the GR building, right off Route de la Sorge in second floor (reception office GR C2 524).

Our offices are shown on the Dynamic map of EPFL below.

In case of problems, call our EPFL reception at: +41 21 693 80 15.

By taxi

From the central Lausanne train station you can take a taxi to the UNIL-lab, or our EPFL offices (about 10-15 minutes, with no traffic and costs about 25 CHF).

To get to the NanoSIMS laboratory, tell the driver that you would like to go the Geopolis building on the UNIL campus, next to metro stop “UNIL Mouline”.

To get to our EPFL offices tell the driver to go to EPFL Metro station, Route de la Sorge, then follow instructions above.

By car 

On the highway always follow Lausanne Sud and exit at UNIL-EPFL.

To the NanoSIMS lab: search for an itinerary on google map with destination “UNIL – Geopolis, 1015 Lausanne” – Parking is at the left side of the building, if you can find a space…

To our EPFL offices: search for an itinerary on google map with destination “Rolex learning Center – 1015, Ecublens” – Your best chance of finding a parking space on the EPFL campus might be underneath the Rolex Center.

Please use the Dynamic map of EPFL to identify parking spaces and orient yourself.

Welcome to the Laboratory for Biological Geochemistry!