On-Campus Classes

  • Signal processing

    Signal processing theory and applications: discrete and continuous time signals; Fourier analysis, DFT, DTFT, CTFT, FFT, STFT; linear time invariant systems; filter design and adaptive filtering; sampling; interpolation and quantization; image processing, data communication and control systems.

    Section of Communication Systems
    Teachers: Shkel Yanina Yurina, Prandoni Paolo
    Language: english
    Academic term: 2023-2024

  • Signal processing for communications

    Students learn digital signal processing theory, including discrete time, Fourier analysis, filter design, adaptive filtering, sampling, interpolation and quantization; they are introduced to image processing and data communication system design.

    Section of Computer Science
    Teachers: Prandoni Paolo
    Language: english
    Academic term: 2023-2024

  • Online Teachingcoursera

    Since 2013, the undergraduate class “Signal Processing for Communication” has been available online as the first DSP MOOC. Currently in self-paced mode, the class has been restructured as a Coursera Specialization comprising of four successive modules:

    The class remains completely free of charge.