Former PhD Students

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
University of California at Berkeley
Columbia University

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Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne :

Gilles Baecheler
Sampling the Multiple Facets of Light
EPFL, Lausanne 2018

Hanjie Pan
Looking beyond Pixels: Theory, Algorithms and Applications of Continuous Sparse Recovery
EPFL, Lausanne 2018

Alireza Ghasemi
Bound and Conquer: Properties, Algorithms, and Applications of Multi-Camera Imaging
EPFL, Lausanne 2017

Robin Scheibler
Rake, Peel, Sketch: The signal processing pipeline revisited
EPFL, Lausanne 2017

Marta Martinez Camara
Blowing in the Wind: Regularizations and Outlier Removal
EPFL, Lausanne 2017

Zhou Xue
Sampling Models in Light Field (co-advised with Loïc Baboulaz)
EPFL, Lausanne 2016

Niranjan Thanikachalam
Image Based Relighting of Cultural Artifacts (co-advised with P.Prandoni)
EPFL, Lausanne 2016

Mitra Fatemi
Shapes from Pixels
EPFL, Lausanne 2016

Runwei Zhang
Adaptive Selection Problems in Networked Systems  (co-advised with P. Thiran)
EPFL, Lausanne 2015, postdoc EPFL

Ivan Dokmanic
Listening to Distances and Hearing Shapes: Inverse Problems in Room Acoustics and Beyond
EPFL, Lausanne 2015, Assistant prof. UIUC

Juri Ranieri
Sensing the Real World: Inverse Problems, Sparsity and Sensor Placement (co-advised with A. Chebira)
EPFL, Lausanne 2014, Google Zürich

Farid Movahedi Naini
Population Sensing Using MObile Devices: a Statistical Opportunity or a Privacy Nightmare (co-advised with P. Thiran)
EPFL, Lausanne 2014, Finance (Adhoc International)

Reza Parhizkar
Euclidean Distance Matrices: Properties, Algorithms and Applications
EPFL, Lausanne 2014, Finance (Macs Red)

Yann Barbotin
Parametric estimation of sparse channels: theory and applications
EPFL, Lausanne 2014, Seminary

Andreas Walther
Perception and Reproduction of Auditory Spatial Impression (co-advised with C. Faller)
EPFL, Lausanne 2013, Fraunhofer Institute,

Zichong Chen
Cooperative Visual Monitoring in Energy Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks (co-advised with G. Barrenetxea),
EPFL, Lausanne  2013, Swisscom research lab

Lionel Coulot
Portfolio Construction under Information Asymmetry (co-advised with P. Bossaerts)
EPFL, Lausanne 2013, L. Coulot Gardens

Amin Karbasi
Graph-Based Information Processing: Scaling Laws and Applications (co-advised with R. Urbanke)
EPFL, Lausanne 2012, Assistant prof. Yale University

Feng Yang
Bits from Photons:Oversampled Binary Image Acquisition
EPFL, Lausanne, 2012, Google Research, USA

Mihailo Kolundzija
Spatial Acoustics Signal Processing
EPFL, Lausanne, 2011, Raptouch (start-up)

Francisco P. C. Pinto
Signal Processing in Space and Time: A Multidimensional Fourier Approach
EPFL, Lausanne, 2010, Digital education analyst, EPFL

Ali Hormati
Sensing and Recovery under Sparsity Constraints: Theory and Applications
EPFL, Lausanne, 2010, Kandou bus (start-up)

Fritz Menzer
Binaural Audio Signal Processing Using Interaural Coherence Matching (co-advised with C. Faller)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2010, post-doc

Patrick Denantes
Socio-geographical graphs (co-advised with P.Thiran)
Patrick was tragically taken away from us July 12th, 2009.

Florence Bénézit
Distributed average consensus for wireless sensor networks (co-advised with P. Thiran)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2009, PredicSis (start-up)

Robert Konsbruck
Source coding in sensor networks (co-advised with E. Telatar)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2009, Mathematician, Luxemburg

Olivier Roy
Distributed signal processing for binaural hearing aids
EPFL, Lausanne, 2008, Delphinus (startu-up)

Ivana Jovanovic
Inverse problems in acoustic tomography: theory and applications (co-advised withL. Sbaiz)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2008, Founder Sono-view

Thibaut Ajdler
The plenacoustic function and its applications (co-advised with L. Sbaiz)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2006, Finance (IMC AG)

Henri Dubois-Ferrière
Anypath routing (co-advised with M. Grossglauser)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2006, JUT

Patrick Vandewalle
Super-resolution from unregistered aliased images (co-adivsed with S. Süsstrunk)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2006, Philips Research, Eindhoven

Guillermo Barrenetxea
Distributed routing algorithms for sensor networks (co-advised with B. Beferull-Lozano)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2005, Founder Sensorscope, now Swisscom research lab

Vladan Velisavljevic
Directionlets: anisotropic multi-directional representation with separable filtering (co-advised with B. Beferull-Lozano)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2005, Senior lecturer, University of Bedfordshire,

Andrea Ridolfi
Power spectra of random spikes and related complex signals: with application to communications (co-advised with P. Brémaud)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2004, lecturer Berner Fachhochschule and EPFL

Christof Faller
Parametric coding of spatial audio
EPFL, Lausanne, 2004, Founder Illusonic

Irena Maravic
Sampling methods for parametric non-bandlimited signals: extensions and applications
EPFL, Lausanne, 2004, Finance

Harald Viste
Binaural localization and separation techniques (co-advised with G. Evangelista)
EPFL, Lausanne, 2004, research engineer at Bartec Pixavi

Rahul Shukla
Rate-distortion optimized geometrical image processing
EPFL, Lausanne, 2004, co-founder Healthsprint

Razvan Cristescu
Efficient decentralized communications in sensor networks
EPFL, Lausanne, 2004, scientist at Merck Research Labs

Pietro Polotti
Fractal additive synthesis: spectral modeling of sound for low rate coding of quality audio
EPFL, Lausanne, 2003, Associate prof. Conservatory G. Tartini

Michael Gastpar
To code or not to code
EPFL, Lausanne, 2002, full prof. EPFL

Xiao-Yu Hu
Low-delay low-complexity error-correcting codes on sparse graphs
EPFL, Lausanne, 2002, Horebdata (start-up)

Zoran Pecenovic
Integrating visual and semantic descriptions for effective, flexible and user-friendly image retrieval
EPFL, Lausanne, 2002, Finance (B-Source)
Cambridge Technologies

Pier Luigi Dragotti
Wavelet footprints and frames for signal processing and communication
EPFL, Lausanne, 2002, Full Professor, Imperial College

Minh N. Do
Directional multiresolution image representations
EPFL, Lausanne, 2001, Professor, UIUC

Stefan Horbelt
Splines and wavelets for image warping and projection
EPFL, Lausanne, 2001, Project Manager, Abraxas

David Hasler
Perspectives on panoramic photography (co-advised with S. Süsstrunk )
EPFL, Lausanne, 2001, Researcher, CSEM

Pina Marziliano
Sampling innovations
EPFL, Lausanne, 2001, Assist. Prof, NTU, Singapour

Laurent Balmelli
Rate-distortion optimal mesh simplification for communications
EPFL, Lausanne, 200, Finance (Sana Elias Group)

Claudio Weidmann
Oligoquantization in low-rate lossy source coding
EPFL, Lausanne, 2000, Associate prof. University Cergy-Pontoise

Jérôme Lebrun
Balancing multiwavelets
EPFL, Lausanne, 2000, Research Lab, CNRS

Paolo Prandoni
Optimal segmentation techniques for piecewise stationary signals
EPFL, Lausanne, 1999, founder and CTO Quividi, lecturer EPFL


University of California at Berkeley :

Grace Chang 
Non-linear methods for denoising and interpolation
UC Berkeley, Fall 1998, Telecom Iran

Vivek Goyal
Beyond traditional transform coding
UC Berkeley, December 1998.
Winner of the Jury Award for outstanding achievement in Systems, Communication, Control, or Signal Processing at UC-Berkeley, Professor, Boston University

Michael Goodwin
Adaptive Signal Models: Theory, Algorithms, and Audio Applications (co-advised with E. Lee)
UC Berkeley, Fall 1997, R&D, DTS Inc.

Steven McCanne 
Scalable Compression and Transmission of Internet Multicast Video (co-advised with V. Jacobson)
UC Berkeley, December 1996.
Winner of the ACM best dissertation award.
Founder and CEO JUT

Zoran Cvetkovic
Overcomplete Expansions for Digital Signal Processing
UC Berkeley, December 1995, Professor at King’s College London

Hyungju Alan Park
A computational theory of Laurent polynomial rings and multidimensional FIR systems
UC Berkeley, May 1995, chair of math, Ajou University, South Korea

Columbia University :

Antonio Ortega
Optimization techniques for adaptive quantization of image and video under delay constraints
Columbia University, June 1994, Professor at USC, Los Angeles

Jonathan Hong
Discrete Fourier, Hartley, and cosine transforms in signal processing
Columbia University, December 1993, Hughes Research, Los Angeles

Imran Shah
Theory, design and structures for multidimensional biorthogonal filter banks and applications in coding of interlaced video
Columbia University, December 1993, co-founder of IBB Consulting

Kannan Ramchandran
Joint optimization techniques for image and video coding and applications to digital broadcast
Columbia University, June 1993.
Winner of the Jury Award for Best student in Communications and Signal Processing, 1992/93.
Prof. at UC Berkeley

Mark Garrett
Contributions Toward Real-Time Services on Packet Switched Networks
Columbia University, April 1993, Now at Microsoft

Cormac Herley
Wavelets and Filter Banks
Columbia University, April 1993, principal researcher, Microsoft, Redmond

Thao Nguyen 
Deterministic Analysis of Oversampled A/D Conversion and Sigma-Delta Modulation, and Decoding Improvements using Consistent Estimates
Columbia University, February 1993, Assoc. Prof. at City University of New York, NY

Hayder Radha
Efficient representation of images using BSP trees
Columbia University, December 1992, Professor at Michigan State University

Kamil Metin Uz
Multiresolution Systems for Video Coding
Columbia University, May 1992, Ambarella Inc.

Jelena Kovacevic
Filter Banks and Wavelets: Extensions and Applications
Columbia University, September 1991.
Winner of the Jury Award for Best student in Communications and Signal Processing, 1990/91.
Professor at CMU, Pittsburgh

Elliot Linzer
Arithmetic Complexity and Numerical Properties of Algorithms Involving Toeplitz Matrices
Columbia University, October 1990, Ambarella Inc.

Gunnar Karlsson
Subband Coding for Packet Video
Columbia University, May 1989, full Prof. at KTH, Stockholm