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Fabricating optics for lensless imaging (Assistant Etudiant, Summer 2023)

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Keywords: Computational imaging, hardware prototyping, 3D printing. GitHub project page:  Medium blog posts: Contact: Eric Bezzam Levels: Bachelor / Master Sections: IC, EE, ME, MT Description: Lensless imaging throws away centuries-old notions of taking pictures. By shifting the image formation from the lens to the digital post-processing, the constraints imposed by lenses (e.g. focusing (…)

Signal reconstruction using sparsity-promoting penalty over a redundant dictionary of wavelets

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Contact: Adrian Jarret (LCAV) Synopsis: Comparison of analysis and synthesis formulations, solution of analysis formulation using cycle spinning with different wavelet basis, solution of synthesis formulation with adjoint of penalty operator and proximal gradient method, extension to weighted penalty. Level: Master (5-6 months) Sections: IC Description: Wavelet bases are known to produce sparse representations of (…)

Statistical Analysis of Sparse and Piecewise-linear Regression

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Contact: Julien Fageot Levels: Master semester project, or Master thesis Sections: IC, EE, SMA Recent works have investigated the possibility of recovering continuous-domain signals from their discrete observations using sparsity-promoting variational methods. The resulting interpolation problem is then cast as a functional sparse inverse problem. In this project, we focus on piecewise-linear continuous-domain reconstruction, which is achieved by (…)