Lasers and Optics of Nanostructures:

Although the basic principles of lasers have remained unchanged in the past 50 years, there has been a significant shift in the kinds of lasers generating interest. Providing a comprehensive introduction to the operating principles and applications of lasers, this course reviews latest developments.



Optics Laboratory Work:

This laboratory work allows students to deepen their understanding of optical instruments, optoelectronic devices and diagnostic methods. Students will be introduced into state of the art optical instruments and measurement principles.



Introduction to Mechanical Design:


Conseiller d’étude 1ère Année MT

Course d’étude du 14 mars 2012:

Visite de 4 entreprises avec 100 étudiants de la section de MT 1ère année:

  • STS Industries SA  à Yvonand
  • Heraeus Medical Components à Yverdon
  • Schott Suisse SA à Yverdon
  • Sonceboz SA à Sonceboz

Un grand merci aux responsables et aux personnes des entreprises qui ont oeuvré à la réussite de ces visites !