DELF – Digitizing Extra-Large Format: Safeguarding and valorizing cultural heritage

The Laboratory for Experimental Museology developed a custom-built system for digitizing work of arts of extra-large format. In 2023, the system was used to produce the largest image of the world (1600 gigapixels) of the Panorama of the battle of Murten (10x100m), with a sponsoring of Phase One (research project DIAGRAM).

System DELF (Digitizing Extra-Large Format). ©eM+, 2023

The system consists of

  • an inspection platform, allowing up to 5 conservators to install or conserve the work of art on the imaging plane.
  • an imaging rig, allowing an ultra resolution camera and lighting system to move on the horizontal plane above the work of art (fully automated, with a precision of 0.01mm).
  • a dedicated computer system allowing the capture and the back-up of the imaging files.
  • an imaging plane of 11m high and 1m wide (inspection platform allows for a width of 3m)

In the current setup, the system can digitize work of arts of up to 10m high and unlimited width when unrolled (imaging width up to 1m). The system can be setup to digitize work of arts even bigger if needed.

In October 2023, we launched a call for projects for Swiss institutions. If your institution would be interested in collaborating with us or using this system, contact us!