Real-Time Analytics on General Purpose GPUs

Our goal is to build an in-memory, analytical engine that enables real-time business intelligence by supporting concurrent execution of ad-hoc SQL queries over Terabyte-sized databases using multiple GPUs.

Smart Data Lake

SmartDataLake aims at designing, developing and evaluating novel approaches, techniques and tools for extreme-scale analytics over Big Data Lakes.

NoDB/ViDa: Efficient Access to RAW Data

We propose a new generation of data management systems which make database systems more accessible to the user by eliminating major bottlenecks of current state of the art technology while still maintaining the entire feature set of a modern database system.

HBP – Indexing the Brain (SP5)

In the context of this project we address the particular problems of neuroscientists on their quest to understand and simulate the human brain.

HBP – Medical Informatics Platform (SP8)

The goal of this project is to build the tools to federate clinical data, to recruit hospitals to use the system, and to develop tools to extract unique biological signatures of diseases, making it possible to develop a new, comprehensive classification of brain diseases.


The ARMADA project is a joint venture between the EPFL DIAS lab and Huawei that focuses on designing cloud-hosted, scalable, energy-efficient main-memory OLTP engines for emerging manycore ARM processors.

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