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Ph.D. Students

Master students/Research Scholars

Post-Doctoral Researchers


Ph.D. Graduates (graduation year, first employment)



Carnegie Mellon University

M.Sc. Students


  • Yu Liangyong, “Exploiting NVMe SSD Arrays in Columnar Storage Engine”, 2024
  • Saied Youssef Mohamed Mohamed, “Distance-based anomaly detection”, 2023
  • Müller Quentin Denis, “Cloud Data Platforms Serving the Data”, 2023
  • Juillard Paul Emile Jean, “Enabling Big Graphs Transformation: Interactive Repair for Neighborhood Constraints”, 2023
  • Zhao Shihan, “Insights in Serverless Query Processing”, 2023
  • Yuan Lin, “An Adaptive On-premises/In-cloud Framework for Cost-efficient Analytical Processing”, 2023
  • Shen Tianxiao, “Extending a Streaming Database with User-Defined Functions”, 2023
  • Ollquist Sébastien, “Near-Optimal Approximate Extraction of Sequential Patterns from Extensive Data Streams”, 2023
  • Chen Jingrong, “Benchmarking and Data Locality Aware Optimization for Serverless Query Engine”, 2023
  • Daija Rubin, “Loki: Compression in JIT compiled database engine”, 2022
  • Tristan Bugnot, “JIT Query Operators for Complex Data using GraalVM”, 2021
  • Christina Mantonanaki, “Analyzing and Improving Database Statistics for In-Memory Analytical Query Processing”, 2021
  • Arnaud Garin, “Evaluation of EquiJoins in Shared Nothing Architectures”, 2021
  • Kirusanth Poopalasingam, “SpatialPGM: A learned spatial index”, 2021
  • Eleonora Rocchi, “Speculative execution of complex queries”, 2021
  • Vincenzo Bazzuchi, “Dynamic resource allocation for online classification and personally identifiable information extraction”, 2020
  • Quentin Bouvet, “Scalable algorithms for pattern detection in out-of-order event streams”, 2020
  • Marc Jolles, “DBMS workload characterization and prediction with machine learning for knob recommendation in SaaS platforms”, 2020
  • Jelena Malic, “Machine Learning Driven Approach to Indoor Customer Detection”, 2020
  • Nemanja Stojoski, “Performance Optimization of a Distributed In-Memory Query Processing System”, 2020
  • Timothee Bronner, “Using unsupervised learning to find problematic patterns in a communication network”, 2020
  • Mikael Morales, “Efficient property projections in an in-memory graph query runtime”, 2020
  • Ciprian Baetu, “In-Memory Graph Query Runtime inside Relational Databases”, 2019
  • Mattia Martinelli, “Efficient data cleaning in the presence of multiple types of errors”, 2019
  • Ken Monbaron, “Confidentiality-preserving analysis of electronic auto-injector databases in R”, 2019
  • Konstantinos Tsitsimpikos, “Maximizing resource utilization through data-source aware scheduling in modern clusters”, 2019
  • Junge Bao, “Adaptive Compression Optimization for Effective Pruning in SAP HANA”, 2018
  • Moritz Fabian Raho, “Analysis of work placement strategies for NUMA aware distributed execution with RDMA support”, 2018
  • Daniel Marques Forte, “Database Version Control System for Enterprises”, 2017.
  • Maximilian X. Czerny, “Parallel Bulk-Loading and Structural Changes for the PH-Tree”, 2016
  • Fabien Schmitt, “Brain ExpO: and iPad application for interactive exploration of spatial brain data”, 2015
  • Ruslan Taran, “Machine Learning for Data Risk Management”, 2015
  • Ioannis Kostis, “Analytical Performance Modelling of Join Operations in a Column Store”, 2014
  • Florian Laurent, “Visualization of operational monitoring data for the ATLAS experiment”, 2014
  • Trupti Gaikwad, “Storage techniques for analytical processing in RAMCloud”, 2013
  • Mouna Mahouachi, “Systematic Database Sizing in Database Cloud”, 2013
  • Matthaios Alexandros Olma, “Efficient in-memory multilayer grid spatial index for range queries”, 2013.
  • Oana-Maria Vasilescu, “NoSQL Graph-Based Implementation of a Records Management Software Solution”, 2013
  • Andrei Marian Dan, “High-performance Solid-state Memory Management Functions for Enterprise Storage Systems”, 2012
  • Mark Brightwell, “Data acquisition statistics and filtering mechanisms for technical infrastructure monitoring”, 2009
  • Joël Israël: “Critical Analysis of softwares and databases used in mouse research”, 2008

Carnegie Mellon University

  • Naju G. Mancheril, “Thread and Memory Management in Staged Database Systems”, 2004
  • Vladislav Shkapenyuk,  2004
  • Stratos Papadomanolakis, “Automated Schema Partitioning for Large Databases”, 2003


  • Haoqiong Bian, 2023, Renmin University of China
  • Ioannis Mytilinis, 2021, Oracle, CH
  • Srinivas Karthik, 2021, Huawei, India
  • Bikash Chandra, 2021, Meta, USA
  • Angelos-Christos Anadiotis, 2019, Ecole Polytechnique de Paris, FR
  • Odysseas Papapetrou, 2018, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
  • Foteini Alvanaki, 2018, Amazon, UK
  • Tahir Azim, 2018, Amazon, Australia
  • Darius Sidlauskas, 2018, Credit Suisse, CH
  • Raja Appuswamy, 2018, Eurecom, France
  • Satya Valluri, 2016, Oracle, USA
  • Xuesong Lu, 2015
  • Miguel Branco, 2015, RAW Labs, CH
  • Thomas Heinis, 2014, Imperial College, UK
  • Erietta Liarou, 2014, Harvard University, USA
  • Verena Kantere, 2010, NTUA, GR & University of Ottawa, CA


Visiting Professors

  • Angelos-Christos Anadiotis, 2019, Ecole Polytechnique de Paris, FR
  • Rakesh Agrawal, 2017, Data Insights Laboratory, USA
  • Susan Davidson, 2014, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Andreas Moshovos, 2011, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Alkis Polyzotis, 2010, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Visiting Ph.D. Students

  • Sadegh Nobari, 2012 (National University of Singapore)
  • Stratos Idreos, 2010 (CWI)
  • Laurynas Biveinis, 2010 (Aalborg University)

Internships and Research Scholars

  • Nikita Evsiukov, Michael Koepf (2024)
  • Kseniya Shastakova, Prathamesh Tagore, Yijun Ma (2023)
  • Manos Chatzakis, Veljko Rvovic, Orest Gkinis, Joseph Boulis, Andreaa Nica (2022)
  • Krut Patel, Mashal Abbas, Kostas Chasialis, Evangelos Danias, Vassilis Mageirakos, Theofilos Belmpas (2021)
  • Omar Hashem, Riccardo Mancini, Jon Riege, Georgios Michas (2020)
  • Naisila Puka, Eleni Zapridou, Vladimir Indic, Aleksandr Sadovnikov (2019)
  • Parand Alizadeh Alamdari, Shahnur Isgandarli, Anisa Llaveshi, Konstantinos Koukas, Jovan Dukic, Maria Ilina (2018)
  • Doruk Cetin, Azqa Nadeem, Seyed Shahabeddin Mousavi (2017)
  • James Jia, Antonis Anagnostou, Doruk Cetin, Viktor Sanca, Maximilian Czerny, Panagiotis Sioulas (2016)
  • Chenxi Sun, Arnold Lacko, Alejandro José Naser Pastoriza, Adam Dziedzic, Yu Tang (2015)        
  • Deniz Tanelli (2013)
  • Alexandros Stougiannis, Farzaneh Mahdisoltani (2012)
  • Chinh Nguyen Quoc, Nastaran Nikoarti (2011)
  • Dimitris Karampinas, Teodor Macicas, Anca-Elena  Alexandrescu (2010)
  • Cristina Maier (2009)