Job opportunities

1) Postdoctoral research

Spontaneous applications are welcome of candidates who are eligible to compete for postdoctoral fellowships. Generally, candidates should have finished their PhD thesis and published a first author paper in a reputed international journal no longer than 1 – 2 years ago. Areas of expertise that are particularly welcome include developmental and cancer biology, molecular bioloy, RNA and miRNA, gene targeting and ES cell technology, histology, FRET imaging.

Openings with secured funding are posted here, if available:

Imaging and functional analysis of proprotein convertases in the melanocyte lineage

The aim of this project is to genetically define the role of Furin and related proprotein convertases in the melanocyte lineage and to conduct unbiased biochemical screens for novel substrates that regulate melanocyte differentiation and melanoma progression.

Highly motivated candidates should send their CV with references and a motivation letter to the lab head ([email protected])

2) PhD Program in Molecular Life Sciences

Open positions to pursue a PhD thesis in the Constam lab are advertised online by the EDMS doctoral program, if available. To be eligible, it is recommended to contact the lab head in advance, or in some instances to consider a lab internship. Current application deadlines are April 15 and November 1.

We currently consider applications for the following projects:

  • imaging of proprotein convertase activities at the subcellular, cellular and tissue level in development and cancer

3) Student internships

Students and trainees who would like to obtain practical experience in molecular and developmental biology should send their motivation letter and certificates/CV directly to the lab head. In general, a financial compensation is only granted under exceptional circumstances and to students participating in our International Summer Research Program. Please apologize that we cannot reply to all applications because of their large number.