Research activities

We use genetic and biochemical approaches to decipher molecular mechanisms that coordinate growth and differentiation of cells and tissues during normal development and in cancer.

Our research projects are grouped in three topics:

TGFβ signaling in development and cancer

TGFβ signaling networks governing stem cell self-renewal and lineage differentiation are frequently co-opted and re-wired by cancer cells to promote tumor progression and metastasis. We investigate how such factors and their bioavailability in the tumor microenvironment are regulated at the level of precursor processing to promote tumor immune evasion and other cancer hallmarks.

Imaging and function of proprotein convertase activities

Proprotein convertases (PC) comprise a family of nine serine endoproteases that process the precursors of secreted growth factors, hormones, adhesion molecules and matrix metalloprotease. We combine genetic approaches and live imaging of PC activities by compartment-specific biosensors to delineate how specific inhibitors should be delivered to preferentially suppress tumor-promoting PC activities.

mRNA and cell metabolism in polycystic kidneys

Biochemical reactions can be compartmentalized in membrane-less organelles by phase-transitioning of aggregation-prone scaffold proteins. We study the regulation of this process by the self-polymerizing RNA-binding protein BICC1 and its impact on mRNA translation and energy metabolism in polycystic kidney diseases and other ciliopathies.


Head of the Laboratory: Prof. Daniel Constam
Office : SV 2837
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Administration: Virginie Kokocinski
Office: SV 2814
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