Prof. Carlotta Guiducci

Trained as an electrical engineer with a specialization in electron device physics, Professor Guiducci has been active in the field of miniaturized label-free molecular assays since the beginning of her career. Her early work led to milestones in the field of label-free DNA analytics featuring electrical as well as optical readout. Among her prominent achievements the demonstration of the quantification of DNA hybridization via changes of electrodes interface capacitance, and the development of the first fully-integrated CMOS chips featuring arrays based on this sensing approach.

Professor Guiducci is a PI at the EPFL since 2009. Her research in microsystems engineering has focused on the integration and on the interfacing issues of lab-on-chip devices. Her most significant achievements include two lab-on-chip/CMOS integration solutions and a novel technology for microfluidic-embedded microsensors that represent unique and highly exploitable technologies. By leveraging multiple collaborations with clinical partners, companies and other IT and engineering teams, the Guiducci lab has succeeded in developing innovative analytical solutions in the field of therapeutic drug monitoring and in the area of single-cell manipulation and characterization on chip


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Professor Carlotta Guiducci

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