EDMA – Some available positions

If you are interested in any of these topics, you are welcome to contact the Professor responsible for the position. Also, it is recommended to mention your interest in the application form, among your scientific interests and in your statement of objectives.
Research Area
Applied and Computational Mathematics   Numerical methods for multiscale stochastic problems and homogenization problems.   Prof. Assyr Abdulle
  The ANMC chair offers 1-2 open PhD positions in Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis. The current research area of the chair is on numerical methods for multiscale stochastic problems: homogenisation problems, inverse problems, convergence to equilibrium, ensemble Kalman filtering and Bayesian methods.


Applied and Computational Mathematics
  Machine learning and optimization methods in computational science   Prof. Fabio Nobile   A PhD position is available within the project “High Dimensional Hierarchical Optimization methods for Machine Learning and Stochastic Optimal Control” funded by KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) in collaboration with Profs. Bernard Ghanem and Raul Tempone.

The student should have a good background in few of these areas: numerical methods for deterministic / stochastic differential equations, numerical optimization, optimal control and dynamic programming, computational statistics, approximation theory, machine learning. He/she should also be open to collaborative research and possibility of extended stays in KAUST.                                https://www.epfl.ch/labs/csqi/

Probability theory and stochastic processes
  Stochastic analysis
  Prof. Robert Dalang
  There will be 1-2 open Ph.D. positions in probability theory/stochastic analysis. The main emphasis is the study of sample path properties of solutions to stochastic partial differential equations. Webpage: https://www.epfl.ch/labs/prob/
Applied and Computational Mathematics
  Mathematics in Computational Sciences   Prof. Daniel Kressner   The group ANCHP offers 1-2 open PhD positions In Computational Linear Algebra. The current focus of the group is on low-rank matrix and tensor techniques, including theory, algorithms, and applications.

Applied and Computational Mathematics   Numerical Methods for Optimization Under Uncertainty


  Prof. Fabio Nobile
  A PhD position is available within the CSQI chair in the area of optimization under uncertainty in engineering systems to develop efficient deterministic and stochastic optimization methods, continuing recent work done within the chair (see csqi publication list)Webpage: https://www.epfl.ch/labs/csqi/page-70214-en-html/   11.9.2019