To deliver high-level Executive/Professional Education to Healthcare Supply Chain Professionals/Practitioners, through disruptive pedagogical tools & methodologies to maximize capability development.

Target audience

Highly experienced supply chain practitioners looking for holistic understanding of global supply chain and aiming to validate formal work experience.

Industry specific healthcare experts in other fields such as Regulatory, Quality and Compliance and/or Finance willing to improve their understanding of supply chain management.

Identified talents from international biopharma companies entering the supply chain world. Other industry sector supply chain experts interested to learn about the Healthcare specificities

This intensive course will be a combination of a cross-industry curriculum and healthcare focused knowledge and expertise.


Intensive and high-density course with a combination of theoretical knowledge and practice experience, maximizing interaction through exercises, case studies and discussions. Extensive usage of ICT tools to maximize efficiency (e-learning, business game, online exams).

This eleven-week supply chain management program will provide a unique opportunity for life science professionals to sharpen their supply chain knowledge and create immediate value to their employers. The program is designed for highly experienced supply chain practitioners, however the blended training sessions will also benefit industry specific experts in other fields, such as Marketing, Regulatory, Quality/Compliance and/or Finance, looking to develop their understanding of supply chain management..
Participants who successfully complete the program will receive an official Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) diploma from the EPFL.

This intensive program is composed of three different modules:

Module 1: Six weeks of innovative remote supply chain learning (e-training, collaborative simulation tool and readings) based on academic and practical work.
Module 2: One week of intensive on-site classes and case studies at the IML/EPFL in Lausanne.
Module 3: Four weeks work on a supply chain business project defined by the student’s company.

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS, 12ECTS) in Healthcare Supply Chain Management granted by the EPFL.

Module 0 (Distant / Online, 6 Weeks)

0. Suppy Chain Management Basics (S. Riboni & M.L. Monterrubio)

  • Online SCM Basics e-Learning (5 courses)
  • Web-based SCM Simulation (The Fresh Connection ©, 3 rounds)
  • Selected Readings

Modules 1, 2 & 3  (On site (IML – Lausanne, 1 Week)

1. Supply Chain Strategy

2. Supply Chain Operations

3. Supply Chain Tools & Soft Skills

Practical project (In Enterprise, 4 Weeks)

  • Practical industrial research study provided by the participant’s employer
  • Final Report and Presentation in front of a Jury


A Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) of EPFL is granted upon successful completion of the 4 modules and the final project (12ECTS).


Christian Borel : Director Digital Academy  at Merck.

Laurent Foetisch : Founder and Managing Director of Supply Chain Operations, consulting and training firm for the healthcare and process-based industries.

Eric Leiglon : Senior Consultant at Hayek Engineering AG.

Stefano Riboni : Director, Business Consultant & Trainer at SR Conseil & Formation, Professor at the Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD), Lecturer at IML and EPFL.

Philippe Wieser : Executive Director of the International Institute for the Management of Logistics (IML), Professor at the EPFL, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, and other european universities.

Marco Barani : Head of Quality at Finox Biotech.

Bernard Calisti : Associated Professor at EM Lyon, successful serial Entrepreneur.

Julien Cléraux : Head of Supply Chain at GSK Consumer Health.

Nicolas Cossard : Director Center of Excellence Planning & Master Data, Global Manufacturing & Supply at Merck.

Rémy Glardon : Honorary Professor at EPFL, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Ipros.

Stéphane Gumy : Co-Founder and Managing Partner at PMS – Process Management System.

Peter Laurence : Healthcare and Supply Chain Expert at SCB Consulting, regular Speaker at international conferences and seminars, recognized Opinion Leader in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Manuel Leuthold : Chairman of the Board at Compenswiss, Lecturer at various european universities.

Maria Luz Monterrubio : Supply Chain Specialist at Supply Chain Operations.

Thierry Moreno : Founder and Managing Director at NV Logistics.

Daniel Rufenacht : Vice President Corporate Sustainability at SGS Group.

Steven Sloan : Director of VIRAK.