Who are the HSCA members?

Academic institutions, industrial and service companies, as well as administrations are members of the HSCA.
Any physical or moral person interested in the association’s activities and agreeing with its status can become a member of the association.

HSCA members

An associate member is any physical or moral person joining the association, agreeing with its status and paying an annual fee according to the company size.


The benefits for becoming an HSCA member are:

  • Invitation to Steering Committee meetings upon request and seats availability
  • Price course reduction for their employees
  • Priority at registration time (pre-inscription)
  • A mention of the company name in every promotional publication of the HSCA

HSCA membership annual subscription:

  • Company with 0 to 100 employees => 500CHF
  • Company with + 100 employees => 1.000CHF

Founding members