Applied Data Science: Communication & Visualization

Learn to make any kind of data speak loud and clear with two critical areas of the data science pipeline: communication and visualization.
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You will learn the tools and techniques you need to produce graphics that give more insight into exploratory data analysis and deliver your data findings with greater impact to a diverse audience.

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Who is the target audience?

People who work with data and who want to develop industry-level skills in analyzing and communicating with data, from raw numbers to end products. It is particularly important for those engaged in big data and data analysis projects. Whether you want to switch careers or open up new opportunities in your current workplace with a formal recognition of your skills and an EPFL COS Diploma, this course will teach you what you need to know.

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Why should you enroll?

The ability to simplify complex information and analysis through stories that better reveal insights and effectively communicate findings are key skills for anyone who works with data, from marketers, journalists and consultants to business owners, analysts and academics. Strong data visualization and communication skills will add impact to your message.

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Join a free class

Join us for a complimentary online session where we will provide a high-level overview of how to automate data to gain insights and how to produce data-driven storytelling, including an overview of the online courses available to gain these sought-after skills.

Course Curriculum

The program includes four certified courses and a customizable capstone project. Learners who successfully complete the program earn an EPFL Certificate of Open Studies Diploma and 15 ECTS credits.

01. Basic Data Science Reports
  • Getting ready with R and RStudio
  • Data wrangling with the tidyverse
  • Introduction to data visualization and the grammar of graphics
  • Study relationships with data visualization
  • Study distribution with data visualization
  • Organizing reports with RMarkdown
  • Case studies in time series, cartography and network data
02. Advanced Data Science Reports
  • In-depth data wrangling for visualization
  • Mastering annotations on charts
  • Advanced report and presentations automations
  • Communicating about uncertainty
  • Designing corporate themes
  • Research-based best practices for charts
  • Storytelling with animations
  • Advanced case studies in time series, cartography and network data
03. Interactive Data Science Visualization
  • Introduction to HTML widgets ecosystems
  • Rethinking visualization for interactivity
  • Introduction to Shiny app architecture
  • Converting static charts to Shiny apps
  • Blending Shiny app and Rmarkdown reports
04. Customized Dashboards
  • Best practices in Shiny app architecture
  • Customizing Shiny apps with CSS and JavaScript
  • Managing diverse input/output for Shiny apps
  • Testing Shiny apps
  • Custom visualizations with D3
05. Capstone Project

Your opportunity to showcase all the data visualization and communication skills and knowledge you’ve learned on the program by applying them to your own data communication and visualization project. Previous examples of impactful projects using real-life datasets include:

  • Sustainability – Carbon travel planner App 
  • Environment – Energy consumption study
  • Finance – Price index tracker 
  • Marketing – Google ads campaign analytics
  • Sports Analytics – Analysis of the NBA


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This program is taught at an intermediate level. You should have the following tools, skills and abilities prior to registering for this program:

  • English at B2 level
  • Understanding of data wrangling
  • Prior experience with any programming language

The monthly subscription fee is CHF 490.-

Please contact us if you would like to request a quote or to pay a flat fee for the duration of the course: [email protected]

The course is estimated at 450 hours. This includes all project work. Your completion time will depend on how much time you can dedicate to your learning experience each day/week/month.

All of our programs consist of video trainings, written lessons and hands-on exercises. This course, like all the courses and programs at the Extension School, is based on hands-on project work. The course projects provide the opportunity to demonstrate that you have acquired the skills taught in the program.

Our courses and programs are all self-paced; you can start learning immediately. Create your learner account using the link below to get the ball rolling:

Please note that we reserve the right to limit the number of enrollments at any given time to ensure that our course instructors can provide the high-quality and personalized support that each of our learners deserve. You will be informed about the next available start date if this is the case.    

You’ll be taken to our secure enrollment site, where you will need to provide the following information:

  • Personal information including your name, current address and date of birth;
  • Valid credit card details;
  • Valid form of government-issued, photo ID that matches your registration name. In general, we accept passports and driver’s licenses.

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