Guided tour Rolex Learning Center

Learn about the exceptional history and design of the Rolex Learning Center in one of our guided tours.


  • Tours are subject to the availability of a tour guide.
  • They can be given in French and in English.
  • Tour groups may contain up to 25 people.
  • Tours last one hour and cost CHF 100 + TVA per tour guide.
Reservations must be made at least five business days in advance.
From 8am to 5pm
Please read for details.


Monday to Friday From 08:00 am to 06:00 pm
No Guided Tour:
From 7th April 2023 to 17th April 2023
12th May 2023
29th May 2023
From 05th June 2023 to 18th September 2023

[email protected]

+41 21 693 30 43

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