Functionalities and the map interface

Use the following buttons to discover what you can do with the EPFL map:    and 

The hamburger menu button allows you to:

  • navigate through the different EPFL campuses
  • show elements of a same category on the map (access, shops, restaurants, printers …)
  • a selection of “points of interest” which you can customize by checking their boxes 

Through the hamburger menu, you can click on “Antennas” and the maps for the Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Valais, Middle East campuses as well as other locations within Lausanne (Ecal Renens, Aula des Cèdres…) will show.

This functionality allows you to select which information you want to visualize on the map. By default, “key locations” and “public transportation” are selected. You can add as many as you want by selecting them in the list. 

Via le menu en forme de ‘hamburger’, afficher la géolocalisation d’éléments liés à l’accès, aux centres névralgiques, à la mobilité réduite, aux commerces et services, aux véhicules, à l’enseignement….