Helpful links

Here is a selection of links that help us SV students out every now and then.

  • If you feel unwell due to your PhD experience or as part of your PhD do not hesitate to get in touch with EPFL’s student affairs who offer free consultations and can forward you to professionals.
  • If you feel you are being harassed, unfairly treated or subject to mobbing by your supervisor, colleagues or other EPFL person you can also contact Nathalie Ritter from the student services directly ([email protected]).
  • If you observe unethical or illegal behavior at work you can contact the respect unit or ombudsperson to help you formalize a complaint.
  • For information on the regulations and procedures in the different PhD programs: EDMS, EDNE, EDBB and EDCB.
  • SV teaching website
  • SV core facilities
  • EPFL PhD association PolyDoc with plenty of helpful links for us PhD students.
  • EPFL’s rules and guideline PolyLex