Social housing for slum inhabitants

Description of the internship

Trainees will be involved in the various stages of our social housing projects, from design to construction and delivery of the homes. The student will have a tutor who will help him/her with the projects he/she is managing. During the student’s stay at TECHO, the idea is for them to take part in weekly meetings with the community.

Required qualities and skills

  • Architects:
    • Drawing on computer
    • Rendering
    • Design of green spaces and community centres
  • Engineers:
    • Visits to construction sites
    • Review of the construction budget
    • Proposals for environmental improvements

Duration of the internship: 2-6 months
Location: Chili (Copiapó, Santiago, Valparaíso, Rancagua, Constitución, Concepción y Valdivia)
Accommodation provided: No
Meals provided: No

Section(s) concerned: AR, GC

Description of the organization

TECHO-Chile is a volunteer organisation fighting for the eradication of all shanty towns in Chile. In the meantime, we are working with volunteers to improve education, provide work opportunities and, above all, organise the community. This is how we believe the slums will disappear for good, by empowering people and helping them to claim their rights collectively.

When a community is empowered and convinced that it can move into an ordinary neighbourhood with a social house of its own, it moves on to the next stage, our housing development zone. In this zone, young professionals from different disciplines work together – architects, engineers, social workers and lawyers – so that we can approach the housing project from all angles.

We work with communities to achieve our goals. We meet with community leaders once a week to develop strategies for moving the project forward. Together, we choose the land where we are going to build the neighbourhood, the type of houses we build, the design of the green spaces…

Contact person: Norma Riveros Monsa (in Spanish preferably), [email protected]