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Air Quality project manager – Fight air pollution in Côte d’Ivoire

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Description of the internship Air pollution is the 2nd leading cause of death in Côte d’Ivoire. Today, few air quality data are accessible due to a lack of measurements or dissemination of collected data. AQ54 is an initiative from data354, that aims to collect and make available data about air quality in Africa, starting with (…)

Internship in environment and organic waste management


Internship description The project aims to reduce poverty, combat climate change and provide access to renewable energy. To this end, Envie d’agir proposes to assist the Togolese government in achieving several objectives, such as: Involving secondary school students in the fight against climate change through training and awareness-raising campaigns. Help other project leaders to use (…)

Green Building Intern

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Description of the internship We welcome architects, engineers, and other specialists to consult on various green building projects and share in the learning experience on campus. Days would be spent primarily with our green building team and volunteers to establish and execute projects. Projects may be on campus school buildings, housing, or other community builds (…)

Solar-powered cold rooms

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Description of the internship The first step will involve participating in the practical construction of the refrigeration system to understand its operation as well as possible changes/modifications.It is possible to propose innovative ideas to improve cold rooms! Moreover, the internship may involve designing and implementing the advanced remote monitoring system for ColdHubs to support operations. (…)

Electricity generation from gaseous waste

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Description of the internship In Serbia, more than 100 landfills have no solution for landfill gas or leachate. Many of these landfills have no access to the electricity grid. At Trstenik, Hofstetter Gastechnik will be installing a system called “Auttonomous”, which injects landfill gas into a gas engine that produces electricity that can be used (…)

What if we stopped relieving ourselves in drinking water?

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Description of the internship Optimisation of the black water treatment system for toilets. The associated tasks are: Inventory of systems installed throughout France Problems identification Proposing solutions Project and expert management Required qualities and skills Mechanical engineering Knowledge of water treatment or hydraulics Ability to summarise Flexibility Creativity Duration of the internship: 2-6 monthsLocation: Choisy (…)

Photovoltaic project manager

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Description of the internship The intern will be responsible for assisting with the maintenance and operation of the solar project. This may include helping to develop the project, installing freezers and taking part in events under the guidance of the manager. Required qualities and skills Good understanding and knowledge of solar design concepts Project management (…)

Social housing for slum inhabitants

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Description of the internship Trainees will be involved in the various stages of our social housing projects, from design to construction and delivery of the homes. The student will have a tutor who will help him/her with the projects he/she is managing. During the student’s stay at TECHO, the idea is for them to take (…)

Developing tools to reduce the arduous workload of rural technicians and farmers

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Description of the internship Trainees have to design tools to reduce the effort of some manual workers. You may have to adopt tools available in the industry and modify them to meet local needs. Tools required for farmers, bricklayers, food sellers, etc. You will design, build and test equipment during your placement. Required qualities and (…)

Ongoing internship at SELCO Foundation

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Description of the internship The SELCO Foundation invites trainees from its departments to participate in various projects. Projects will be mainly technical, or technical with a particular focus on reporting and documenting processes and learning. The following departments of the SELCO Foundation are regularly looking for interns: Built environments – Inclusive architecture and infrastructure Technology (…)