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EtuRESCIF aims to accelerate sustainable development through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Thus, the association has two main activities: to financially support students who go on high-level internships, and to organize an international competition on sustainable development. The subsidized internships must be in the fields of water, energy, nutrition, urban planning, health or entrepreneurship.

Annual entrepreneurial contest

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The objective of the contest is to develop your idea and acquire more knowledge on environmental and social issues as well as social entrepreneurship skills. Your project must respond to an issue related to sustainable development. For example, global warming/disruption, pollution in general (e.g. eutrophication, acidification of different environments), loss of biodiversity, or resource management.


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+41216932045 (during school days, weekdays, 8 am to 5 pm)

EPFL, Centre Midi 1416

Station 10

CH-1015 Lausanne

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Upcoming or in progressConférence sur la justice climatique Collaboration avec l’Aumonerie EPFLDate : 28/02/2024Heure: 12:15-13:00Salle: BC02Présentation de Safiatou Baldé Loum, venant du sénégal et qui nous présentera son travail ainsi que la réalité du terrain. Projection du film “Total Trust” Collaboration avec FIFDH Genève et EPFL PavillonDate: 13/03/2024Horaire:-Ouverture des portes et apéro: 18h00-Projection: 18h30-20h00-Débat et Q&A: 20h00-20h45-Fin de (…)

Ingénieur·e·s du Monde (Engineers of the World) is a student association of EPFL-UNIL.Its objective is to make students aware of being responsible engineers for a fair and sustainable world.This involves informing students about the inequalities in the world, the environmental and ethical problems that exist, and sometimes trying to bring ideas for solutions by collaborating (…)