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EssentialTech Center is a research center at EPFL that focuses on humanitarian technology. Its mission is to create technological solutions tailored to the needs of populations in low- and middle-income countries. The Center works closely with local organizations to develop and implement innovative technologies in the areas of health, water, energy and communications. EssentialTech funds our internships.

Serice de Prommotion de l’Éducation – Laidlaw Program

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The EPFL Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Program is an incentive program for first-year students to develop their research and leadership skills. Selected students participate in an intensive six-week summer program, during which they work on a research project under the guidance of an EPFL professor and also receive leadership training. Laidlaw Fellows are selected on the basis of their academic merit, leadership potential and research interest. The program also provides financial support to cover travel and accommodation costs, as well as an award for student achievement at the end of the program. This is an excellent opportunity to develop research and leadership skills, collaborate with leading researchers and connect with students from around the world.