Contribution to the study of washboards on unpaved roads

Description of the internship

Washboarding is common on unpaved roads. The washboard phenomenon appears as a succession of wave-like undulations that restrict road traffic. The University of the Andes is working on an experimental device capable of reproducing this phenomenon. The aim of this work placement is to make improvements to the experimental device in order to reproduce this phenomenon as closely as possible.

Required qualities and skills

  • Master’s degree, knowledge of geotechnics and soil mechanics.
  • Skills in experimentation and analysis of results with specialised software.

Duration of the internship: 6 months
Location: Bogota, Colombie
Accommodation provided: No
Meals provided: No

Section(s) concerned: GC

Description of the organization

The Università de Los Andes is located in the heart of Bogotá. It is currently ranked 5th in Latin America by the QS ranking.

Name: Università de Los Andes
Contact person: Bernardo Caicedo, [email protected]