Mailing List

The mailing list is the central hub of our club.

We use the list to communicate with our members and to advertise our events.

You can also use the list to provide information or seek partners for climbing, skiing, hiking, trailrunning, mountainbiking, etc., or just to go for a beer! In this case, the person proposing the outing takes the full responsibility for the appropriate selection of participants (technical, physical level, and experience). Note that everybody on the mailing list can post and propose activites.

Agepoly and the Club Montagne EPFL hold no responsibility for such outings.

The e-mail address of the mailing list is [email protected].

Please do not post to the mailing list if you wish to contact the committee. For that, use [email protected].

To join the mailing list you have to agree with our rules and you have to comply with the mailing list rules below.

Mailing List Rules

Messages that are allowed on the mailing list

  • Trip announcements/requests
  • Outdoor advices/informations (like information on snow conditions in a particular areas)
  • Warnings (like news about dangerous climbing conditions)
  • Other messages approved by the committee (in case of doubt, please send an email to a committee member before posting to the mailing list)

Messages that are forbidden on the mailing list

  • Commercial advertisement
  • Sale and donation of mountain equipment you can use the Facebook group.
  • Apartment/roommate/dating related messages
  • Announcements for other organizations
  • Sending “I want to go on your trip” to the entire mailing list instead of only the person who posted the trip
  • Asking to be unsubscribed from the mailing list (there are instructions for that at the bottom of this page)
  • Please do not join pictures to your email, only add the URL link

Subscription Form

To join us, please fill this form. After you submit it, you get automatically added to the mailing list and you will receive a confirmation email.


To unsubscribe send an email to [email protected].