It is our goal to share our passion for the mountains with the broader public, we, therefore, organize several events:

  • Indoor climbing sessions (Rocspot, le Cube et Totem), more information in the good deals section
  • Rental equipment every Mondays and Fridays, further details in the rental section
  • Stammtisch, every two weeks we organize meetings between mountain lovers around one or another beer.
  • Courses with mountain guides :
    • Avalanche,
    • Ice climbing,
    • Rock and ice
    • Rock climbing
  • Initiations of ski touring with a mountain guide
  • Slackampus, our annual slackline and highline festival
  • Presentations and conferences
  • Workshops to share our knowledge
  • We participate in campus activities (chalet de l’avent, Vivapoly…)
  • Altigliss, we are the official representatives of Altigliss on the EPFL campus

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