Membership card

What is the membership card ?

Since the beginning of 2018, Club Montagne has introduced an online registration to identify its members. Valid enrollees enjoy the following advantages:

    • A reduction of 10% on all purchases at  Yosemite.
    • reduction of 20% on all rentals at Yosemite.
    • A reduced entry fee at Totem every Monday.
    • A reduction on subscriptions at  Totem.
    • A reduced entry fee at Le Cube every Friday.
    • For non-members of EPFL, the card permits the rental of material at student prices  at the material rental of Club Montagne.
    • All the informations are on bons plans

The registration is valid for one year from the date of purchase. However, for students, the membership will be automatically canceled if their academic status changes (ie if they leave the school or start a Phd)

How to get a membership card?

Just fill out the form below:

For registrants who are not students at EPFL: If you are not a student at EPFL, a fee of CHF 10.- is required to validate your registration. 

Payment can be made during the rental session Mondays and Tuesdays in CM0416.

The registration remains free for EPFL students (members of Agepoly) and the card is automatically validated for all EPFL students that complete the subscription form.

For more information, contact us at [email protected]