Association des Etudiants Grecs de Lausanne (AEGEL)

🌟 Welcome to AEGEL – Your Greek Community in Lausanne! 🌟

Who are we?

AEGEL, the heart of the Greek student community in Lausanne, founded in 2010. We’re more than just an association; we’re a vibrant part of your educational and social journey here. Whether you’re a Greek citizen or of Greek origin, AEGEL is your home away from home!

Our Objectives:
  • 🤝 Integration: Making Lausanne feel more like home for every Greek student.
  • 🗣️ Communication: Building social bridges within our community and beyond.
  • 🎉 Culture: Celebrating and sharing the rich Greek heritage.
  • 💡 Exchange: Fostering ideas and opinions with Swiss and other international students.

Join Us!

Whether you’re new to Lausanne or have been here a while, AEGEL is your go-to place for connection, culture, and support. Dive into a world where Greek traditions meet the multicultural vibe of Lausanne.

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