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Association des Etudiants Grecs de Lausanne (AEGEL)

AEGEL is the official association of Greek Students who study in the broad area of Lausanne. 
Founded on 2010, AEGEL constitutes an important aspect of the educational and social life of the greek student community. Our main goal is to bring close the Greek students who live in Lausanne, to promote the greek culture with cultural events and to encourage the communication among our members and with other student associations. Our member our mostly Greek citizens, as well as foreign citizens of Greek origin.

Our goals:

Our association has as main goals:
  • to support and facilitate the integration of the Greek students in the area of Lausanne.
  • to create a base for support and communication among Greek students.
  • to promote the greek language and culture.
  • to exchange ideas and opinions among Greeks, Swiss and other members of the student community.