Minor in Photonics

This minor aims to provide understanding of topics in photonics. The main objective is the ability to work on problems involving photonics.  At completion of the minor programme, student will have learned courses in optics, optical engineering and photonics.   They would have learned these subjects to a level that they are

  • able to explain the key photonics principles,
  • able to explain all the technical terms and their significances,
  • able to apply key concepts and principles qualitatively in simple and more complicated engineering applications.
  • able to appreciate the impact of photonics to physics and engineering applications in a global and societal context
  • able to use this knowledge to explain everyday life examples and phenomena, to explain science to people not in the science and engineering discipline, and to educate the public in photonics physics.

Students will be confident to photonics principles to open-end situations.

The Minor in Photonics (30 ECTS) complements the Master programs offered at EPFL, providing additional skills in the field of optics, optical engineering and related technologies.

The program includes courses (20 ECTS minimum, all optional) of basis in optical sciences as well as a broad choice of engineering-related courses with emphasis on applications in optical engineering.

semester project (10 ECTS, mandatory) related to optical technology is included in the Minor.