BA 1st year – propedeutic

List of courses: Bachelor, 1st year

BA 1st year propedeutic, spring: Tuesday 5.15 pm-7 pm

Students attend one of the ‘Global Issues’ courses. Six different issues are offered: climate, communication, energy, food, health, mobility. It starts at the second semester (spring) and carries 2 coefficients. Global Issues is co-taught by one technical and one non-technical teacher in order to increase relevance for students. Every student is free to choose the course they will enrol for, subject to the number of available places.

The ‘Global Issues’ course was introduced in 2013-14 as a compulsory course for all first-year students in EPFL. The course is highly innovative. It focuses on 6 major global issues (climate, communication, energy, food, health and mobility) and looks at these issues in an interdisciplinary way, drawing on engineering and natural science perspectives and on social scientific perspectives. Each course is taught by two-person teams drawing from natural sciences and engineering on one hand, and from social and human sciences on the other. The course also requires students to engage in interdisciplinary group work.