Master Project #3

Advanced microstructured scaffolds for 3D cell culture

This project aims to explore the design, manufacturing, and testing of microstructured biocompatible hydrogel scaffolds. These scaffold will serve to control the trapping and morphogenesis of cancer organoids, among others. 

The project will involve the use of CAD software for the design: high-resolution stereolithography 3D printing for the microstructuring of culture substrates.

The 3D design and materials will be validated by testing the microstructuring of various synthetic and natural hydrogels to evaluate the controlled formation of organoids. The resulting microstructured hydrogel should allow for seeding and culturing of organoids, provide stable entrapment within the microstructures during automation processes, such as rapid movement and shifting of the microscope stage using a robotic arm, or media exchange, and should potentially allow for integration into microfluidic culture chambers.

This work will greatly contribute to the advancement of organoid research and the capabilities of the BET platform for the benefit of the scientific community of the EPFL, CHUV, UNIL, UNIGE, and HUG.

The candidate must have some experience with at least some of the following skills :

  • CAD
  • Biomaterials
  • Basic cell culture
  • Microscopy

When: Spring or Fall semester 2023
Where: BET Bioengineering & Organoids Technology platform
at the AGORA Cancer Research Center close to CHUV in Lausanne.

To send your application or for more information, please contact the Bioengineering specialist of our platform, Mrs. Marzena Walaszczyk: [email protected]