Master Project #1

Development of an automated tissue clearings workflow for
high-throughput 3D characterization of cancer organoid models

An organoid is a three-dimensional multicellular structure that shows realistic micro-anatomy of an organ. This in vitro model mimics the in vivo environment, architecture and multi-lineage differentiation of the original organs and allows to answer many interesting biological questions.

For these reasons, they are widely used in stem cell, regenerative medicine, toxicology, pharmacology, and host-microbe interactions research. In order to study organoids, microscopy is very useful: it is possible to make three-dimensional reconstruction of serial sections but it is time consuming and error-prone.

Here, we propose tissue-clearing techniques as an alternative solution. Tissue clearing reduces the dispersion of light because it homogenizes the refractive index of the tissue, allowing sample observation throughout its thickness.

Therefore, the aim of this course is to compare different clearing techniques on organoids and spheroids, and to automate the clearing with the Plate Washers/Dispensers we have in the lab.

This internship will be divided into 4 parts:

  • 3D culture of different types of spheroids (colorectal cancer / glioblastoma)
  • Development of different Clearings tissue protocols (2ECI Ethyl Cinnamate / Cubic) depending on the organoid type
  • Implementation of different Clearing protocols on the EL406 wash dispenser for high throughput automation.
  • High throughput 3D imaging on Celldiscoverer 7 (Zeiss) and analysis of results.

Required skills :

  • Cell culture
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Microscopy
  • Lab safety

When : February to September (2023)
Where : BET Bioengineering & Organoids Technology platform
in AGORA Cancer Research Center close to CHUV in Lausanne.

To send your application or for more information, you can contact by email the Organoids specialist of our platform, Mrs. Laure Garnier : [email protected]