Example 3: Wind Energy Forecast

A multiscale forecasting system for wind energy production

The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 envisions the phase-out of nuclear energy and its subsequent substitution by renewables. Wind energy is one of the renewables, which are actively promoted by the federal government. The main challenge is the uncertainty of wind: it varies with the weather condition and does not always blow when electricity is needed. To optimize the integration of wind energy into electricity grid and increase the wind power penetration, accurate wind power forecasting is needed.

The main task of the project is to use online observation data to validate the multiscale simulation system developed at WIRE for the forecast of wind and energy output from wind farms over complex terrain and apply it to a case study of the JUVENT wind farm which is the largest wind farm in Switzerland with 16 wind turbines located in the Jura mountains.

source: www.juvent.ch

This project is intended as a master thesis and well suited to motivated students with a background in environmental engineering or computational engineering. Basic knowledge of fluid mechanics, statistics, quantitative methods, and MATLAB programing is required.

Interested students please contact Prof Fernando Porte-Agel ([email protected]) or Dr. Jiannong Fang ([email protected]) at Wind Engineering and Renewable Energy Laboratory.