Recent articles published in peer-reviewed journals 

Lerch, M. (forthcoming): Migration and city growth: an international perspective of Zurich, 1836–1949, in Population-E.

Kaiser, J., M. Lerch (in press): Sedimentary faecal lipids as indicators of Baltic Sea sewage pollution and population growth since 1860 AD, in Environmental Research,

Todd, N., M. Lerch (2021): Socioeconomic development predicts a weaker contraceptive effect of breastfeeding, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 118 (29) e2025348118;

Lerch, M. (2020): International Migration and City Growth in the Global South: An Analysis of IPUMS Data for Seven Countries, 1992-2013, in Population and Development Review 46(3): 557-582.

Lerch, M., T. Spoorenberg (2020): The dynamics of birth postponement and limitation over the course of the fertility transition in sub-Saharan Africa, in Demographic Research 40(30): 827-858.

Lerch, M. (2019): Fertility decline in urban and rural areas of the developing world, Population and Development Review, 45(2), 301-320, (10% most downloaded articles in 2018-2019,)

Lerch, M. (2019): Regional variation in the rural-urban fertility gradient in the developing world, in PLoS ONE 14(7): e0219624.

Lerch, M. (2018): Marriage and fertility change during crisis and societal consolidation in the Western Balkans, Population Studies 71(2), 217-234.

Lerch, M, A. Spoerri, D. Jasilionis and F. Viciana (2017): On the plausibility of socioeconomic gradients in mortality estimated from linked data: a demographic approach, Population Health Metrics 15(26)

Lerch, M., M. Oris and P. Wanner (2017): Periurbanisation and the urban mortality gradient in Switzerland, 1968-2008, Population-E 72(1), 93-122,

Other publications

Lerch, M. (2021): Pandemie und Demografie im Kanton Zürich [Pandemic and demography in the canton of Zurich], Blog, Statistical Office of the Canton Zurich (CH),

Lerch, M. (2021): Immer attraktiver für Hochausgebildete: Der Kanton Zürich im Geflecht der Wanderungen innerhalb der Schweiz [Increasingly attractive for the highly skilled: the canton of Zurich in the internal migration context of Switzerland], Statistik.Info 2021/03,

Lerch, M. (2020): The emergence and diffusion of birth limitation in urban areas of developing countries, MPIDR Working Paper WP-2020-014,

Wanner P., M. Lerch and E. Galanxhi (2018): « Dynamique spatiale dans les régions albanaises. Programme de développement des statistiques démographiques » [Spatial dynamics in Albanian regions. A program for the development of demographic statistics], in B. Kotzamanis, A. Parant (Eds.): Regards sur la Population de l’Europe du Sud-Est, Athens: Demobalk, p. 105-113.

Lerch, M. and M. Oris (2018): “Mortality during heat episodes in Switzerland: A story of vulnerability”, in P. Puschmann & T. Riswick (Eds.): Building Bridges – Scholars, History and Historical Demography, p. 622-642.

Lerch, M. (2017): International migration and city growth, United Nations Population Division Technical Paper 2017/10, New York: United Nations.