The Transport and Mobility Laboratory is active in modeling, optimization and simulation of transportation systems, with a specific emphasis on the mobility of individuals.

Transportation research
We identify new solutions to transportation problems, on the ground, in the air, or on the sea, transport of people or goods, whatever the mode. We focus on technical solutions, but also on their impact on the system as a whole. We are also interested in the interactions of the transportation systems with the land use, the economy, the environment, etc.
Operations Research
We design, implement and test new mathematical models and algorithms. We are involved in various aspects of operations research, such as optimization (continuous and discrete), queueing theory, graphs and simulation.
Discrete choice models
We are specialized in the design, the specification, the estimation and the analysis of discrete choice models. Largely used in transportation demand analysis, we apply them in other contexts as well, such as marketing and image analysis.
We are regularly involved in multi-disciplinary research in collaboration with other researchers, in particular in the domain of computer vision, image analysis, hospital management and marketing.