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Dismantling of a warehouse for reuse in the Halle 118 building, by Baubüro In Situ, Switzerland, 2019.

[FR] Poste de Collaborateur.trice de recherche en ingénierie structurale avec réemploi

Le Structural Xploration Lab de l’EPFL recherche un.e collaborateur.trice de recherche pour assister plusieurs projets d’ingénierie structurale impliquant le réemploi d’éléments en béton et en acier. Afin de mener à bien la construction de nouveaux prototypes, et en collaboration avec d’autres chercheur.euses du SXL en charge du projet, vous serez amené.e à établir les calculs de dimensionnement préliminaires, contacter les entreprises de déconstruction, développer les détails constructifs et analyses structurales, gérer le chantier, et publier à propos de l’expérience acquise dans des revues professionnelles et scientifiques.

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[EN] Postdoc on the Prediction of Building Stock Obsolescence for Urban Mining and Circular Construction

The 3-year-long research is integrated within the UrbanTwin project, a large multi-disciplinary consortium of Swiss federal research institutes. One major issue to initiate circular loops in the built environment is that conventional procurement processes and material availability through deconstruction follow independent rationales. In order to have offer and demand coincide in time, the new model will leverage the potential of digital twins, field-surveyed Building Information Models (BIM), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with statistical inference and machine learning to predict the availability of reusable construction components over long-time windows.

As a Postdoctoral Researcher, you will be expected to lead and execute original theoretical and computational research. This involves collaborative work with other research partners in and outside the lab. You will communicate your findings through peer-reviewed manuscripts and presentations at conferences. We value mentorship and collaboration, and you will have the opportunity to assist with supervising Ph.D., Masters, and Bachelor students in Architecture and/or Civil Engineering.

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[EN] PhD on Long-Term Assessment of Circular Transition Scenarios for the Built Environment

The Structural Xploration Lab at EPFL, and TSL at Empa are looking for an outstanding PhD researcher to join the SWICE project and advance prediction methods for the long-term management of the built environment in the context of climate emergency and climate adaptation.

Combining life-cycle assessment and urban twining methods with stakeholders interactions and expert knowledge on urban constructions and their long-term maintenance, the PhD thesis will (1) develop scenarios of change that public, commercial, and personal decision-makers could follow at the neighborhood, building, and dwelling scales in the short and long term horizons; (2) advance state-of-the-art computational methods for the long-term environmental assessment of circularity- and sustainability-transition scenarios at the scale of built districts ; (3) apply both developments to case-studies of neighborhoods in Switzerland and draw conclusions for policy-makers. We seek a PhD candidate with a strong analytical background and an outstanding MSc degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, or a related field. We expect the candidate to be self-driven with strong problem-solving abilities and out-of-the-box thinking.

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[EN] Joint Postdoc Position with Empa on Life Cycle Assessment of Urban Systems

The successful candidate will carry out research activities related to the environmental assessment of urban areas, using the life cycle assessment (LCA) method, scenarios of transformation, and digital twins. Inputs from various stakeholders with the goal of identifying actionable opportunities of change will support the work. The position is part of the SWEET project SWICE, a multidisciplinary collaboration between several Swiss research institutions and industrial partners, supported by the Swiss Federal Office for Energy. The work will be carried out at Empa under the supervision of Dr. Didier Beloin-Saint-Pierre (Empa, TSL), with a co-supervision by Prof. Corentin Fivet (EPFL, Structural Xploration Lab).

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  • Carry out preliminary LCAs of various Swiss neighbourhoods
  • Establish state-of-the-art reviews on sustainability-driven scenarios of change at the urban scale
  • Build a strategy to efficiently share the LCA results with all stakeholders of cities
  • Manage research activities in the context of a large national project
  • Co-advise PhD students in related fields
  • Collaborate with the partners and commissioners of these projects
  • Write scientific publications

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[EN] Joint Postdoc Position with CRCL on Robotic Reconfiguration of Timber Structures

As part of a collaborative research project between CRCL and SXL (EPFL), we are looking for a highly motivated Postdoc Researcher starting Fall 2023. The 2-year project has been awarded the ENAC Interdisciplinary Cluster Grant and aims at combining the two labs’ expertise to develop sustainable construction methods. It particularly focuses on bringing together structural design, robotic construction and material reuse to successfully decrease construction waste. The project will focus on the reconfiguration of existing timber structures and investigate new methods of planning, designing, sequencing and robotic diss- and reassembly. The research will be conducted through a continuous feedback between digital design and physical prototyping at various scales. CRCL and SXL offer a robotics lab with several small-scale and large-scale industrial robots. The Postdoc Researcher will be hosted by both labs continuously.

We are looking for a Postdoc Researcher with a background in architecture or engineering (PhD degree) and experience in digital design and fabrication. The candidate should have good programming skills and enjoy working in a design related field.
The candidate should be self-driven and motivated to develop independent research in a collaborative environment. Excellent communication skills in English (both written and spoken) are mandatory. Experience with robots (industrial robots or bespoke robotic systems), sensing (computer vision and other sensors) and software development are a plus, but not mandatory.

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The SXL is always looking for bright-minded, talented, and passionate individuals to take part in its world-leading efforts in making component reuse techniques a new reality for sustainable construction. They are invited to submit spontaneous applications.