(in)visible reuse – Research Symposium

The Structural Xploration Lab invites you to (in)visible reuse – an afternoon of public lectures on reuse in architecture at F’AR (Lausanne) on Monday, September 11, from 4pm to 8pm. The SXL is proud to welcome four guest international speakers, who will present their work and discuss the future of reuse in practice and research:

  • Caitlin Mueller, Professor at MIT (USA), who integrates reuse into design using cutting-edge digital tools.
  • Satu Huuhka, Professor at Tampere University (Finland), who works on the reuse of precast concrete and coordinates the major European project ReCreate with ongoing concrete reuse case studies in 5 countries.
  • Lionel Devlieger, Professor at Ghent University, founder of Rotor, pioneer of reuse in Europe.
  • Felix Heisel, Professor at Cornell University (USA), who works on the questions of legislation for reuse and also develops digital techniques for deconstruction.

The event is free of charge.

The next day, young researchers from Switzerland and abroad will present their research in a seminar on component reuse in architecture, with a focus on its visibility and invisibility in current construction processes, knowledge, social and environmental impacts, and design projects. Through four action topics (designing, observing, characterizing, and adapting), the Symposium questions the status of reuse in research today and its role as a means and/or an end to a more sustainable built environment.

This 2-day event is organized by Célia Küpfer and Barbara Lambec with the support of: